10 Questions to ask your employee to build trust and create engagement

  1. What are you most grateful for today?
  2. What happened this morning that drove you nuts?
  3. What have you got going on this weekend that you’re most looking forward to?
  4. What obstacles have you had to overcome today to get to today’s meeting?
  5. What have you not got to this week that you were really hoping to get to?
  6. If you could be anywhere other than here at work today, where would you be?
  7. Tell me one thing that’s on your desk and why it’s there?
  8. Who or what is taking up a lot of your attention these days outside of work?
  9. What special days do you have coming up that you will be celebrating question?
  10. What have you accomplished this week that was most fulfilling?



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Kathy Archer

Kathy Archer


Helping women leaders make it in the nonprofit world. Leadership Development Coach * Best-Selling Author * Wife * Mom * Grandma * Mom to one boxer named Zeus!