Do you want to know if you are an ethical leader?

  • I didn’t always keep my word.
  • I didn’t follow through on promises.
  • I neglected to listen to people, their ideas and input. Instead, I railroaded through with my plan.
  • You say your clients come first, but do they?
  • You might believe in honesty, but are you always honest?
  • You value accuracy, but do you ensure accuracy in your work and those of people around you?
  • Your values are what you believe is worthy or important.
  • Your ethics are what is important to you, what you stand for, and what you believe in. It is your principles and your values.
  • Your morality is conforming to those principles. It is what you do, and it’s how you act. It is your behaviour, your ways, your attitudes. Think of it as how you conduct yourself.
  • To get a sense of what I value in my work with you, check out this page.
  • Then feel free to hit reply and tell me how I’m measuring up!
  • Values Verification — The opportunity to identify, define and operationalize your values.
  • Decisive Decision Making — You’ll learn a three-step process to make decisions quickly and efficiently with your integrity intact!
  • Your Annual Analysis — This whole course is worth looking at as it has a ton of worksheets to gauge your growth and development. One worksheet, in particular, looks at your alignment with your values over the past year.
  • Wellness AT Work — This course has a great self-assessment to look at where you rank yourself on trustworthiness, engagement and connection to meaning, both at work and home.



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Kathy Archer

Kathy Archer


Helping women leaders make it in the nonprofit world. Leadership Development Coach * Best-Selling Author * Wife * Mom * Grandma * Mom to one boxer named Zeus!