How to Deal with Friendships during the Peer to Leader Transition

  • Janet jumped right in nodded her head, saying her friend expected her to give her the best shifts.
  • Nancy noted how hard it was to steer the conversation away from work when she and her friend/subordinate got their kids together for a play date.
  • Becca said, I don’t mind talking about work with my friend/subordinate, but I don’t know how to stop the gossiping. That’s what we used to love doing, bantering back and forth about everyone. But now I can’t, and it feels awkward to stop it.
  • Daja rounded out the comments by adding how hard it is to include everyone for lunchtime chats when it used to be just her and her friend at work. But, now, as the leader, she knows she needs to include everyone.
  • Coworkers who are friendly invite everyone
  • Friends who dislike some of the people they work with are selective.
  • What have you tried so far?
  • What worked? What didn’t? What did you learn?
  • In what ways are you not being the person you would like to be in this situation?
  • If you were using your strengths, how would you deal with that troublesome behaviour?



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Kathy Archer

Kathy Archer


Helping women leaders make it in the nonprofit world. Leadership Development Coach * Best-Selling Author * Wife * Mom * Grandma * Mom to one boxer named Zeus!